Windsurfing Lessons


Windsurfing and stand up paddle lessons


Join us this summer and discover the  most sensational water sports.

Our hotel offers windsurfing and stand up paddle lessons for beginners of all ages.

Stand up Paddling or SUP for short, is the new trend. It has rapidly grown world wide, as it is a safe, easy and enjoyable way of exercising your whole body.

Through Windsurfing on the other hand, which has become more simple and therefore approachable, you can get a lovely feeling of the wind as well as exercise. Both activities share common principles. During the first lessons you will be taught the correct body position, the right way of handling you gear as well as basic courses and turns.

Conditions are perfect for SUP in the morning with flat water and no wind. As the day passes and the wind starts picking up it is excellent for windsurf.  Because of the narrow bay it is quite safe and  it does not get wavy.

We are looking forward to introduce to you these amazing activities and we are certain you are going to love them


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